YAPC::Europe 2011 in Riga – “Modern Perl”

This year the European Perl conference (YAPC::Europe 2011) was in Riga. Riga is a beautiful city. The conference had the issue Modern Perl. There were 278 people who attended the conference in Riga. 87 speakers present their knowledge there. At the conference you could meet the Perl-Gurus and leading developers: Larry Wall, Damian Conway, Patrick Michaud and Jonathan Worthington. Also a core contributor Christoph Otto of Parrot was there. The next YAPC::Europe will be in Frankfurt. At the conference you find two classes of Perl members: the Perl 5 group and the Perl 6 group. Perl 5 is still the production system of Perl. The most attendees belong to the Perl 5 group. The most talks was about usefully Perl 5 modules. The other group is looking what will happen in the next years with Perl 6. I belong more to the Perl 6 group and will give some information about it. I already heard from a company that start to convert their production system to Perl 6. The implementation of Rakudo will be rewritten again. The new implementation is 4 to 5 times faster and has even more features working. Speed is important for the success of a programming language. Larry Wall says that Rakudo will be better with every rewrite. The new implementation depends on the new object model. The Rakudo repository switched the master branch to that. The next monthly release of Rakudo will base on the new implementation. The 6modul run on this virtual machines: .NET, JavaVM and Parrot.

The slides of Patrick`s talk are here.

The current Rakudo Star releases will always included after a few days as a package in Fedora.

You can see the lastest version:

yum list rakudo-star
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